Robotic Process Automation

Benefits of Automation

Automating time-consuming business processes that challenge your business to drive productivity and save costs!

Transform your organization into an advanced digital workspace with Konica Minolta's RPA solution, Dispatcher Phoenix. The award-winning platform automates the repetitive tasks that interrupt employees' time, disrupting their workday and preventing them from focusing on their strategic business processes. By implementing this robust solution, organizations of any kind will gain the power to perform their strategic matter, improving their business as a whole.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, automates the manual and tedious daily processes that organizations face on a daily basis. By providing a wide collection of processing features, Dispatcher Phoenix users can create custom workflows that fit seamlessly into their everyday operations. With this RPA solution, organizations will save costs, maximize productivity, improve employee morale, eliminate human errors, and more!

Key RPA Features Dispatcher Phoenix Offers:

Complete Customizable Automation with an Easy-to-Use Workflow Builder:
With Dispatcher Phoenix's Workflow Builder, users can create custom workflows to automate the processes they need. And with Dispatcher Phoenix's wide range of automation tools, organizations have an endless supply of workflows that can be created, allowing them to automate with utmost efficiency.

Dispatcher Phoenix's Workflow Scheduler allows workflows to run automatically at a specific date/time, with no human interaction required. With this advanced scheduling capability, workflows will run only when they should. With this capability, processes can be scheduled to run at night, creating less traffic on the server while employees are at work.

Advanced OCR:
Advanced OCR processing refines OCR results and extracts metadata through the use of user-defined or auto-detected zones. With this advanced processing feature, zones (areas of a page) will be created to output text from a particular area on a document, defining exactly how the OCR engine should recognize various elements on the page, such as text, forms, tables, graphics, etc. In addition, metadata can be automatically extracted from those zones and associated with the original document. With this advanced capability, files, such as invoices and other financial forms can be automatically processed and routed based on the data within the document.

Forms Processing:
With Dispatcher Phoenix's advanced Forms Processing automation feature, pattern matching technology is used to automatically extract and redact, highlight or strikeout unique identifiers from forms, such as social security numbers, birth dates, etc. Forms processing eliminates the need to know specific content for processing. By recognizing regular expressions and patterns, the bot will know how to read and process specific documents. For example, healthcare documents can be OCR'd for the form title and routed to other processing tasks. Patient Intake Forms can have PHI & PII automatically redacted while Test Results are indexed and exported to an EHR/EMR platform.

Metadata Routing:
Defined by the user, Dispatcher Phoenix workflows can be set up to automatically route documents according to metadata-based rules. Routing conditions can be easily created, using any metadata that is associated with documents in the workflow. With this feature, organizations can take advantage of intelligent file routing capabilities such as automatically routing files to different folders or popular cloud storage systems based on barcodes or other data inside the document.

Third-Party Integration:
Automatically distribute processed documents into a variety of cloud storage systems, including Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Laserfiche, and more! Also, automatically communicate files via Email and Windows FAX.

Secure your third-party credentials through Dispatcher Phoenix's web-based centralized management system, Dispatcher Phoenix Web. With advanced security, only bots will have access to this information in order to access your third-party platforms.

Workflow Sample Library:

Dispatcher Phoenix's Vertical Editions

At Konica Minolta, we understand that different types of market organizations, such as the legal, education, and healthcare industries have different day-to-day tasks, requiring these organizations to need an automation solution that specifically solves their specific business processes. With this in mind, we offer multiple editions of Dispatcher Phoenix that are tailored to each vertical market. This means you are offered a RPA solution that's specific for your vertical.